• X-fender is the World´s first flat pack boat fender that will revolutionize the role of fenders in boating.

  • The innovative cylindrical design is a completely new take on boat fenders.

  • X-fender's modern design fits to all styles of boats.

  • Designed in Finland.

    How it works?

    Airless and foldable design allows for easy deployment and storage of x-fenders.

    Step 1

    Simply roll and secure x-fender and use like normal fender. No need to roll/un-roll everytime if slim storing is not needed.

    Step 2

    If slim storing is needed, simply open and un-roll, and place to a dedicated holder sleeve or any other narrow spot.

    Step 3

    x-fender folds in half, perfect when you want to long term store or use narrow locker or other tight un-utilized spots e.g. between seats space.

    Easy to use

    Easy to store

    Fast open/close

    Slim storage, 3-6 cm

    Maintenance free

    Creative use

    Wraps around railings

    Seat cover  

    Floating device

    Modern design

    Extremely Reliable, no airloss

    20 % more protective area

    Improved shock absorption

    Be among the first to secure your own x-fenders!

    Available for pre-order

    Non-binding, delivery date to be confirmed, no pre-payment needed

    You can cancel your order upon order confirmation

    Please fill-in your country, size of boat/product size, number of x-fenders to be ordered in the message field

    We would be happy to hear your feedback about x-fender

    The story

    The Heureka moment came when I finally had a proper summer holiday after seven busy years as an entrepreneur. Just to amuse myself I started to think what would a fender look like if it could be folded away for storing? This question lingered and did not leave me alone and one day I decided to make a first a prototype of such a fender. This started the whole design process that led to the x-fender product we have today.

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